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Organic Ingredients. Healing Botanicals.


With years of experience in the skin care industry, Gayle saw a need for a different kind of product—one that would nourish and promote the health of your skin. So she worked with the best cosmetic chemists, drew on her own expertise, and consulted with her loyal clients to develop a remarkable product offering unlike any other. This is an advanced, botanically-based line that does more than simply look and smell good. These exclusive formulations increase the health of your skin by removing unhealthy cells, replenishing moisture and soothing with healing botanicals.



If there were one botanical worthy of being labeled nature’s miracle, this would be it. Neroli is derived from the tiny white flowers of bitter orange trees, creating a rare essential oil that is remarkable in its benefits to the skin. Because neroli helps repair the skin at the cellular level, it’s beneficial for anyone with fine lines, wrinkles, signs of aging, and scarring. Many practitioners of holistic medicine use neroli oil to purify the skin and reduce redness and swelling. The Gaylee Neroli Serum is our top selling product.



This unique line of fruit-infused products features the remarkable properties of pure raspberry extract. Raspberry concentrate purifies, fights bacteria, and promotes skin health. The refreshing, Gaylee Raspberry Cleanser has been a cult favorite from the beginning. Raspberry extract contains antioxidants which help protect the body from the free radicals that can damage healthy cells. Raspberry extract also delivers fatty acids to the skin which help fight the natural chemical compounds involved in the aging process. 



Gayle Hanson started her career as a professional freelance makeup artist. Gayle studied with the best of the best in Hollywood, learning creative makeup artistry and special effects makeup, while building a very prestigious clientele.
Gayle then worked as an educator with the Mana Company, one of the finest manufacturers of professional cosmetics in the U.S. She gained over 17 years of experience as an aesthetician, working with some of the most exclusive skin care lines in the world.  
Gayle’s extensive experience in the industry gave her the expertise to pursue what she cares most about — helping people of all ages and all skin types achieve complete beauty-care. So, in the spring of 1993, she opened Gaylee Signature Spa in Newport Beach, California.
Gayle new that you can’t provide a good facial or spa treatment without a really great product. That’s why she sought out the finest cosmetic chemists to create her own skin care products. The result? The Gaylee Skin Care System. This exclusive line of botanically-based products made her already successful facial services achieve even better results — not just for the skin but for her clients' overall health and well being.

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