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The 20% AHA strength gives this treatment product quality results. This is the AHA cream that will give you the effectiveness of a salon glycolic treatment in your own home. What about blemishes on the face, neck or back? They’ve met their match with Pink 20 DermaCare. As an exfoliant this cream sloughs away debris and dry, rough outer cell layers, while enhancing skin clarity and reversing the effects of harmful environmental conditions. The beneficial effects of this product will reduce the appearance of aging, scarring, blemishes, and skin discoloration. Pink 20 DermaCare is a blend of natural fruit acids, uniquely balanced for optimal results. The fruit acids are combined with an infusion of mint balm, strawberry extract, chamomile, aloe Vera gel, and honey, a natural antibacterial ingredient. It is colored and scented with strawberry extract.

AHA Cream

  • Unique Features and Benefits
    Salon-formula Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) cream for beautifully serious exfoliation.

    • Minimizes signs of aging.

    • Helps clear acne blemishes.

    • Diminishes appearance of age spots and acne scars.

    • Delivers natural antibacterial properties.

    • Protects skin from harmful environmental conditions. 

    • Delivers effectiveness of a salon glycolic treatment.

    • Enhances skin clarity.

    Recommended For
    All skin types, particularly prematurely aged, acne scarred, or sun damaged skin.

    Use caution. Start using small amount to clean skin once or twice a week.

    Normal skin: Massage into face and neck, leave on all night.
    Delicate skin: Remove after 15–20 minutes.

    Avoid eye area.
    Follow with sunscreen.

    0.5 FL OZ

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