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Neroli and Squalane Serum is a soothing blend of aromatic essential oils that help maintain the skin's delicate moisture balance. Neroli is one of the most expensive essentials oils available. It’s obtained from the white flower of the bitter orange tree. It takes one ton of orange blossoms to produce one quart of oil. Neroli is the most beneficial botanical in the world for all skin types. It supports the shedding of old skin and the stimulating of new cell growth. Combine this incredible essential oil with squalane, and you have a very specialized serum. Squalane, a derivative of the olive plant, has the closest molecular structure to human sebum.

This product also has apricot kernel oil, a rich natural source of beta carotene, the substance the skin uses to manufacture vitamin A required for cell reproduction and maintaining healthy cell membranes. Dimethicone is the newest discovery of an unsaturated fatty oil that does not clog pores, and helps oxygenate the skin. It has a minute molecular structure which will carry the vitamins into the skin, and infuse the nutrients into the cells. This blend supplies optimum hydration and allows the skin to respirate. Its light shield holds in moisture and protects from environmental contaminants. Neroli Serum is a must for a complete skin care program! Neroli has been known for centuries for its incredible physical and psychological benefits. Historically, the neroli flower has been used as an antidepressant, with its relaxing and calming qualities.

Neroli Serum

  • Recommended
    For normal to dry skin. Also good for mature skin, sensitive skin and skin with minor abrasions.

    Use morning and evening on clean face. Follow with moisturizer.

    Key Ingredients
    Essential oils of neroli and squalane, vitamins A,C, and E, apricot kernel oil, safflower oil, geranium oil, carrot oil, retinyl palmatate.

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