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Unique Features and Benefits

Perfect for any skin type, but especially helpful for dry or under-nourished skin. Use it as a decadent facial moisturizer or as a top to bottom skin treat. Formulated with real Silk Peptide Powder, which goes to work providing moisture, nourishment, and a supple sheen. Organic Jojoba Oil and Aloe boost these skin-loving benefits.  A perfect unscented base cream to be enhanced by light essential or fragrance oils

Superstar Ingredients

Organic AloeOrganic Coconut OilOrganic Jojoba OilSilk Peptide Powder

Recommended For

All skin types, especially those developing fine lines and wrinkles.

Place pea-sized amount onto fingertips, warming with hands. Gently apply to face and neck using upward motion. Follow with moisturizer. Even more beneficial when mixed with neroli serum.


No Added Parabens

No Added Phthalates

No Added Gluten

58% Organic Content



Silk Serum

  • If you are not completely satisfied with your oder, please contact us directly to discuss refund options

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